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Coping With Pet Loss

The staff at Family Pet Clinic understands how strong the human/animal bond is. Our cats and dogs are our confidants, cheerleaders, shoulders to cry on and are the first ones to celebrate when we walk through the door. After all, they are our family and the loss of a family member is never easy to handle.
Sadly, some people may feel it is inappropriate for you to grieve when your companion passes. This couldn’t be further from the truth! People may say things like, “It’s just a dog” or “You can just go get another cat.” The hurt from these comments can make the loss you feel even worse and you may try to bury your feelings in an effort to appear strong. Please know that it is natural to feel sorrow, to express your grief and to expect family and friends to support you during this difficult time.
There are many resources available to people who have lost their dear friend or are in a situation where they need to decide if it is the right time to euthanize their pet. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to those who can lend a sympathetic ear.
You can click here  to view a collection of links that will help you cope through this difficult time. You may also feel free to call Family Pet Clinic and any of our caring staff members will be readily available to help.